The Fill command is not currently available and other error modals

Every Action from PSDCovers comes as a 2 step process, this is because you need to add your designs to the template before STEP 2 can continue to render the product mockup.

The Problem:

Running STEP 2 causes a stream of non-stop error modals that endlessly complain about missing layers, unavailable fill regions, or transformations which cannot be applied.

The Solution:

Don’t hide layers in the template — if you really can’t handle it then try deleting layers you don’t need but never delete any layers that PSDCovers generates in STEP 1.

What’s going on that triggers all these errors?

When you run STEP 2 it starts off a chain of processes that require a known set of layers to exist — i.e., the Action needs to make selections on certain layers or perform transformations on others etc.  Hiding layers in the template throws a wrench into the process because STEP 2 attempts to merge the visible layers. When layers are hidden they do not get merged which creates a problem for STEP 2, it’s expecting to find a specific number of layers in a known configuration.  However, because the hidden layers are now included in the process the layer count is nolonger a fixed value and the Action stands a good chance of selecting a hidden layer or selecting the wrong layer entirely.

Ok, so why doesn’t STEP 2 simply flatten the entire template prior to executing the remaining processes?

Each Action is different.  Depending on the mockup being rendered it may need to work with masks, other times it can easily work with a flattened file.  The problem is there is no way from your end to know which path it will take.

The best course of action is simply not hide layers in the “STEP 1” template after your artwork is positioned.



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