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  • PSD Cup Mug
    PSD Mockup Ceramic Coffee Mug Template
    MUG001 is a straight-on view of a ceramic mug with the handle at 30° towards the back of the mug.  This PSD Mockup applies your 2D artwork to a product shot for a standard sized mug that holds 11oz. When the rendering process is completed the product shot is placed into a newly generated Photoshop document which you can further customize to suit your specific needs.
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    Paper Cup Drink
    Paper Cup Drink
    CUP001 is a near worms eye view of a 473.18 ml cup (16oz) without a cap or a heat guard.  This PSD Mockup renders 2D designs onto the most popular cup size purchased by consumers at their favourite café(s), the final product is dropped into a new Photoshop document for the designer to continue modifications to suit project specific requirements (for example, new background, different shadows).