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PSD Mock-Up Magazine Front Cover Action three quarter View


MAG008 is a front facing shot of a standard magazine angled at 30°. This PSD Mockup template renders a typical magazine which measures 207 millimetres in width (~8in) by 275 millimetres high (~10.8in). The final render simulates a magazine with approximately 150 pages which are not visible in this particular render since the spine is facing forward.

PSD Mock-Up Magazine Front Cover Action Front View


MAG007 is a front view shot of a typical magazine with a slight downward 45° camera angle. This PSD Mock-up renders a typical 8in x 10.5in magazine commonly used by publications around the globe in a full page spread layout laying on a flat surface. Other Actions similar to this mockup can be found here, here, here or view them all here.

PSD Mock-Up Magazine Rolled Pages Cover Action Top View


MAG005 is a top down render of a magazine mockup whose left side is rolled up. This PSD Mock-up Action renders your design onto a standard full-sized magazine with the left side of the magazine rolled up for casualness. Similar Actions are mag001, mag002, mag003 and mag004.

PSD top view open Magazine eBook cover action


MAG004 is a full top down view of a typical magazine. This PSD Mockup Cover Action represents a large generic base of publications around the world and makes a great template for mocking up your layouts. Similar Actions to this magazine can be found here, here and here.