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The main focus of this site is Photoshop Cover Action Products and will remain that way. That said, there is a mini stockpile of vector illustrations I’ve created over my career which is gathering dust. After almost losing the entire collection due to bad backups I’m posting the most generic of the bunch in the hopes that others find them useful. Unfortunately the bulk of the work is mostly schematics and ultra specific work that would be useless to 100% of the people viewing them, so the collection posted here is a humble subset.

These illustrations have nothing in common with the Photoshop Cover Actions on this site, however, I’m hoping they will be useful to those of you who find the vector category. Feel free to use anything under the vector category in your personal or commercial projects, everything here is my work and free from any copyrights (not to mention they date back almost 20 years).

I do not mind if you modify or sell any particular illustration as long as my illustration is not the product being sold. For example, if you are writing and selling a book about power tools and include some of my work then I don’t mind. However, selling all the power tool illustrations as a “Vector Power Tool” compilation is strictly forbidden.

Here are some highlights of the collection I have posted (I will likely continue to post additional vector EPS content as I go through the collection and weed out long forgotten illustrations).

Computer Vector EPS

Computer post workstation VTR betacam backup Vector EPS

The Electronics section contains many computers, servers, disk arrays, installation sequences, hard drive unboxing and many more. There are even some SGI relics done 20 years ago which are irrelevant today but can easily be passed off as a workstation in a schematic. Apple Computer laptops and generic PC workstations can also be found here as well as generic mobile devices. Start here.

Aircraft Vector EPS

Bombardier Aircraft Engine Vector EPS

Small collection of aircraft in various states of flight, some Bombardier RJ400 and RJ700 level drawings and aircraft engines. More to come in this section as I weed out anything useful. Start Here.

Construction Tools Vector EPS

Tap Die Set Vector EPS

Hundreds of construction tools in vector format such as hammers drills, electric drills, cement mixers, compactors, ladders, levels, drill bits, meggars, chains, bolt cutters, wire cutters and the list goes on and on. Start Here.

Vehicles Vector EPS

Utility Crane Truck Vector EPS

A small collections of all terrain cranes and trucks. Start here.

RailRoad Vector EPS

Rail Bridge Vector EPS

Growing section on 24 year old illustrations done for a major railway client. Lots of railway signals, tools and structures. Start here and here.


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