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Wacom Tablet Vector EPS

Wacom Tablet (EPS)

Old school generic Wacom tablet done in the 1990’s. This particular model is discontinued, Wikipedia lists discontinued models as follows: Previous products from Wacom included the ArtZ, ArtZ II, ArtPad, ArtPad II, Digitizer, Digitizer II, Favo, UltraPad, Graphire through Graphire4, Intuos through Intuos3, 15-, 17- and 18-inch Cintiqs, Volito, and PenPartner. Early models used RS-232 and Apple serial connectors, with a conversion to USB in later models.

SONT VTR Betacam PVW-2800 Videocassette Vector EPS

SONY VTR Betacam SP Tape Player (EPS)

SONY Betacam tape videocassette player done in early 1990. This is a SONY PVw-2800, Wikipedia describes the Betacam as follows: In 1991, the less-expensive, “Professional,” PV line of Betacam SP decks was introduced. The PV line consisted of only four models: the full-sized PVW-2600 (VTP), PVW-2650 (VTP with Dynamic tracking allowing up to fwd x3, whereas the BVW line only offered x2 DT playback) and PVW-2800 (VTR) editing decks, and the PVV-3 camera-dockable VTR.

Tape Storage Backup Data Drive Vector EPS

Tape Backup Unit (EPS)

This is a tape backup unit done in the 1990’s. Wikipedia describes a tape unit as follows: A tape drive is a data storage device that reads and writes data on a magnetic tape. Magnetic tape data storage is typically used for offline, archival data storage. Tape media generally has a favorable unit cost and long archival stability.

SGI Indigo 2 Workstation Vector EPS

SGI Silicon Graphics Indigo Workstation (EPS)

An SGI Indigo 2 workstation setup done in the early 1990’s, this illustration shows the Indigo with the front cover in the closed position.