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Crane Drill Server Computer Truck Airplane Stock Vector EPS

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The main focus of this site is Photoshop Cover Action Products and will remain that way. That said, there is a mini stockpile of vector illustrations I’ve created over my career which is gathering dust. After almost losing the entire collection due to bad backups I’m posting the most generic of the bunch in the hopes that others find them useful. Unfortunately the bulk of the work is mostly schematics and ultra specific work that would be useless to 100% of the people viewing them, so the collection posted here is a humble subset. (more…)

IBM Intellistation Workstation

Generic Workstation

If memory serves, this is an old IBM Intellistation with all identifiable marks removed. It’s a great illustration to use as a generic workstation in your schematics and presentations. Free for personal and commercial use, attribution through via a link back to is appreciated.

MacBook Pro Apple OSX

Macbook Pro

Vector laptop illustration with identifying logos removed. This is a 15″ Powerbook released just prior to being rebranded as the Macbook Pro line. Perfect for use as a generic laptop in presentations or schematics. Personal and commercial use granted, attribution in the form of a link to is appreciated.

Supermicro Back View Vector EPS

Supermicro Back View (EPS)

Back view of the Supermicro server. Lots of vector parts to take from this illustration such as USB, scsi, serial port, abs port, fan, USB logo, power connector, ethernet card and screw heads.