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PSD Mockup Template Business Card Stack


BUSINESSCARD002 corporate cards measures 3.5inch x 2inch. This PSD mockup template renders a stack of 70 cards with a single card propped up on the side. The card stack is nearly set to 90° at its base and rotates in spurts up the height of the deck.

PSD Mockup Template Business Card Corporate


BUSINESSCARD001 is a standard 3.5inch x 2inch business card. This PSD Mockup cover action will render a stack of individual cards with the front of the card facing up with the final card on the top of the deck showing the back of the card. Another card is propped up in front of the stack. The photo has a slight isometric feel to it due to the angle of the product shot — the card deck is rotated to a 45° angle and the viewport faces down on the business card stack from above at 45°.