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SONT VTR Betacam PVW-2800 Videocassette Vector EPS

SONY VTR Betacam SP Tape Player (EPS)

SONY Betacam tape videocassette player done in early 1990. This is a SONY PVw-2800, Wikipedia describes the Betacam as follows: In 1991, the less-expensive, “Professional,” PV line of Betacam SP decks was introduced. The PV line consisted of only four models: the full-sized PVW-2600 (VTP), PVW-2650 (VTP with Dynamic tracking allowing up to fwd x3, whereas the BVW line only offered x2 DT playback) and PVW-2800 (VTR) editing decks, and the PVV-3 camera-dockable VTR.

Tape Storage Backup Data Drive Vector EPS

Tape Backup Unit (EPS)

This is a tape backup unit done in the 1990’s. Wikipedia describes a tape unit as follows: A tape drive is a data storage device that reads and writes data on a magnetic tape. Magnetic tape data storage is typically used for offline, archival data storage. Tape media generally has a favorable unit cost and long archival stability.

SGI Indigo 2 Workstation Vector EPS

SGI Silicon Graphics Indigo Workstation (EPS)

An SGI Indigo 2 workstation setup done in the early 1990’s, this illustration shows the Indigo with the front cover in the closed position.

SONY Broadcast Reference Monitor CRT Vector EPS

SONY Broadcast Monitor (EPS)

SONY broadcast monitor created in the 1990’s. Wikipedia describes a broadcast monitor as follows: A video monitor also called a broadcast monitor, broadcast reference monitor or just reference monitor, is a display device similar to a television set, used to monitor the output of a video-generating device, such as playout from a video server, IRD, video camera, VCR, or DVD player.