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Remove Array Raid Controller Vector EPS

Array Remove Controller (EPS)

Image sequence of IT service personnel removing the raid controller from the back of the disk array.

Rack Mount Disk Array Vector EPS

Rack Mount Disk Array (EPS)

14 drive Terabyte rack mounted disk array with 2 controllers. Each drive was 750Gig. The image is a three quarter view.

ACM Remove Battery Vector EPS

ACM Remove Battery (EPS)

As with the previous ACM illustration done in 2000, the description for the acronym ACM is long forgotten (array controller module?). In this illustration, the IT person is removing the battery from the drive chassis.

ACM Server Remove Drives Vector EPS

ACM Server Remove Drives (EPS)

This illustration was done in 2000. The acronym for ACM is long forgotten so I can’t fully describe this work other than to state that it is a 6 part illustration that shows the viewer how to remove the drives bays from the back of the unit.