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Facebook Timeline Page

TOP 20 Corporate Brand Facebook Timeline Examples

Well, maybe not the top 20 since it’s pretty near impossible to go through all the branded pages on Facebook, but these are 20 brands I found interesting for various reasons. I began browsing for brands that upgraded to the new Facebook Timeline Covers after playing around with it myself and really enjoying it, even if you don’t plan to upgrade you should have a peek. There is a downloadable PSD Cover for testing out your own layout at the end of this post—it was created to test my own designs offline but you’re more than welcome to use it.

Needless to say I’m a little late to the game with this update, I had recently finished designing the old Facebook profile page and returned my focus to the content on this site. In that brief moment where I thought things would be stable for at least 6 months Facebook announced the new Timeline feature at the Facebook Conference F8, damn, here we go again redesigning the PSDCovers Profile page. I have to admit though, this Facebook Timeline layout is quite nice, the page already looks great without a timeline cover.

So here is a short list of 20 creative timeline covers I visited for a sense of inspiration followed by my own design as well as the downloadable PSD Cover template for you to test your own designs with. (more…)

Apple New iPad 3 Retina Display

The New Apple Multi-Touch Retina Display iPad 3 PSD Cover Action

So Apple has announced the New iPad 3 and now you need to render your 2D designs as glossy 3D PSD graphics for marketing and website materials or other iPad review process. Whether you’re a designer, developer or marketer our Cover Actions only require that you have 2 things…: (more…)


Adjustly Nextpage


The Adjustly Nextpage plugin returns the internal support for creating multi-page posts to the WordPress Visual and HTML toolbar. This is not a post-to-post navigation feature, this is specifically about breaking a single, very long page/post, into multiple pages. We did not create any new features with this plugin, it simply brings back a valuable feature to the toolbar. (more…)


Photoshop PSD Cover Action Free Files For Download

Looking for PSD freebies? We have those. The following post is a summary of what this site offers to give new visitors to the site more compressed information on a single page.

What we do is convert our blank generic product photography shots into Photoshop Cover Actions. Period. That’s our niche. If you need a generic mug, soda can, book, iPad or even a blank cereal box then you found the right place. Our Actions will recreate the product shot using Photoshop’s built in actions and in the process will take your 2D design/artwork and render it onto the result. That means if you design milk cartons for a living you can now concentrate on your designs and let our PSD actions render the carton and designs for you automatically. (more…)


Top 20 Royalty Free Texture Sites

Textures are an important asset to any designer whether it’s physical or visual. Here at PSDCovers we tend to offer faux 3D rendered products that require a lot of up front 2D design and texture work prior to being rendered. Unfortunately creating 2D designs or textures can be a very exhaustive process when starting from scratch, especially if this is your main focus. (more…)