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Aluminum Cola Can
Aluminum Cola Can

Soda Can Source Photo

The following image is the source photo used for creating the Soda Can Action found in the tutorial. All Actions on this site are based on product photography we do here internally to ensure they are free of any outside copyrights held by other photographers or corporations.

DOWNLOAD can photoDOWNLOAD grid textureDOWNLOAD CAN006 Action

Please feel free to look around the site for many more Photoshop cover actions.


26 Dark Free PSD UI Mockup Interface Kits (PSD)

A collection of Dark GUI Interface Kits for desktop, mobile and web designs. These kits have been quite popular as freebies across multiple sources, this is a collection of the darker sets which I like to test with our iPhone and iPad Cover Actions.

Some of these kits have basic GUI elements such as buttons, sliders, radio buttons and checkboxes. Please read the usage rules for whichever set you decide to use, they are free, but some are not commercial. (more…)


Apple Rejecting Apps Accessing iOS Device UUID Mobile Carrier Unique Identifier

There are stories breaking about Apple blocking UUID access by app store developers. More information about why Apple is doing this and some possible alternatives can be found on AppleInsider and TheVerge.

However, it seems that Apple itself announced the move back in October 2011 and, as one user points out in the comments on TheVerge, the solution is to use the CFUUIDCreate function to generate a proper UUID. (more…)


Free Facebook Timeline PSD Cover Templates for download

Looking for a PSD Cover Templates to test your own Facebook Timeline profile designs with? You can use ours. Our PSD Cover comes prepared with masks so you can start pasting your designs and sampling layouts quickly. (more…)