Category: Bottle

Generic Spray Bottle PSD Cover Action


BOTTLE004 is a generic spray bottle with a volume of 709mL. This PSD Mockup is great for detergents, cleaners, repellants, lubricants, window cleaners and more. The view is from the front with the camera slightly lowered looking up.

Blank Aspirin Pill Medicine Bottle PSD Cover Action


BOTTLE003 is a front facing shot of a large anti-headache medicine bottle that holds 144 liquid capsules. This PSD Mockup pill bottle has roughly the same dimensions as a soda can, so it’s big, the designer’s artwork is rendered onto the pill bottle and presented in a newly created Photoshop document for the designer so they can manually make further edits to the shadows and highlights if desired.

Blank Shampoo Bottle Cover Action PSD


BOTTLE002 is a generic 900ml shampoo or conditioner bottle with the camera pointed at its centre. This PSD Mockup has a cap and bottle color which can be modified after the render and can also be made to have the design rendered directly on the bottle or on a plastic film wrapped around the bottle. The brightness of the bottle can also be adjusted to make it lighter or darker.

2L Soda Pop Bottle template


BOTTLE001 is a full frontal shot of a 2L pop bottle. This action contains sample drink colours, sample plastic bottle colour and a sample cap colour so that you can easily discover how to modify the materials on this object and create your own combinations.