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PSD Mockup Template Actions
PSD Mockup Template Actions

What are Photoshop Actions?

Photoshop Actions are meant to be used to save time on repetitive tasks. Actions can record your steps as you perform enhancements to a photo that, once saved, can be “replayed” on follow-up photos in the future. This article is an executive pitch explaining the most popular use of Actions. (more…)

psdcovers laying down hardbound book mockup


HARDBOUND008 is a front facing children’s hardcover book.  This PSD Mockup will apply your final designs or early stage proposal artwork onto a children’s hardcover book which is facing forward with a view looking down on the book from 45°.  The book appears to be laying on a flat surface due to the white background and shadow placement, however the shadows can be modified or removed and the background can be toggled off to reveal that the hardcover book floats on a fully transparent canvas.  Designers can choose to place their own background if a white or transparent one is not desired — the highlights are fully editable and can be increased or decreased or removed entirely from the book mockup. The book’s thickness represents about 100 pages (200 double-sided pages).


Rename PSDcovers CC Package Extension to zip

Did you know that the Adobe mxp and zxp package formats are just fancy zip archives?

Rename the zxp package extension to zip.

NOTE: The zxp package icon will now change to a zip archive on both the Mac and Windows after renaming the extension to zip.


Manually Install the PSDcovers Add-on

Thank you for choosing PSDcovers !

Creative Cloud is a great product but it can sometimes report that it has successfully installed an extension when in fact nothing was installed.

The following guide will help you to successfully install our add-on in your Photoshop CC 2015 application manually.

Creative Cloud Activity Stream Verification

Confirm PSDCovers Installation

Although we have Acquired the PSDcovers extension it does not mean it is installed…

To confirm the PSDcovers extension is installed, return to the Creative Cloud desktop app.

  1. Click the Home tab
  2. Scroll down to Activity Stream
  3. Find confirmation of installation

If you do not see any confirmation that the PSDcovers extension was installed in your Activity Stream then Creative Cloud has not installed it yet.  It can take several minutes before Creative Cloud syncs the extension to your Photoshop > Window > Extensions menu.

If you do see a confirmation, click NEXT to continue…