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PSD Mockup Template Actions
PSD Mockup Template Actions

What are Photoshop Actions?

Photoshop Actions are meant to be used to save time on repetitive tasks. Actions can record your steps as you perform enhancements to a photo that, once saved, can be “replayed” on follow-up photos in the future. This article is an executive pitch explaining the most popular use of Actions. (more…)

PSD Mockup Standing Upright Rotated View Graphic Novel


GRAPHICNOVEL004 is an upright graphic novel with a 30° rotation towards the left.  This PSD mockup renders your sketches or scanned artwork onto a standing graphic novel — the spine and back cover for this product are not visible in this shot.  The thickness of the rendered graphic novel is wroughly that of a 300 page book. The resulting PSD document this Action generates contains multiple editable layers with shadows and highlights which can be customized, removed or enhanced by the designer.

PSDCovers minimum Requirements

Action fails in Photoshop Elements CS CS2 or CS3

A question that is often submitted to me is whether or not the PSDCovers Actions will run properly on Photoshop Elements.  They won’t. (more…)

PSDCovers endless stream of error modals

The Fill command is not currently available and other error modals

Every Action from PSDCovers comes as a 2 step process, this is because you need to add your designs to the template before STEP 2 can continue to render the product mockup. (more…)

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